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We specialize in digital marketing for small businesses. Our team helps clients increase their online presence by providing industry leading SEO, web design, branding and PPC advertising techniques.

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We created Flip Source Web Design and Marketing out of our drive to find a creative outlet and support our family. Along with our two children, we live in Toronto, Canada. We share a passion for web design, marketing, SEO and branding. Our combined experience in the IT & marketing industries gives Flip Source Web Design and Marketing a unique skill set that drives our client’s success.


Web Design

Our web designs are built with WordPress and Elementor Pro. We use WordPress because of its versatility and fast development.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Helps our clients grow their websites' organic search traffic and increase sales ROI by focusing on the key components of an effective SEO strategy.

PPC Advertising

Our team will build you a campaign that includes a combination of text ads, image ads and video ads. The result? Better ROI at a fraction of the cost!

Digital Marketing Agency

Featured Projects

Whether it be a new website, fresh look focused on branding, or an overhaul of your current content marketing strategy, we can help create a professional digital experience!a



Toronto Graphic Design Agency - Bianca
Graphic Designer

Bianca is a self-taught Graphic Designer and owner of Ashbi Creative Studio. Straight out of University she went on to a marketing internship that sparked a passion for branding and design.  Her key focus and mission are to bring your vision to life and exceed your project expectations.

Toronto Web Design Agency - Cameron
Digital Marketing Specialist
With a background in IT and computer science, Cameron is a self-taught web designer specializing in SEO and marketing his passion is creating effective and efficient ways to market small businesses through UI/UX design.

Featured Projects

Whether it be a new website, fresh look focused on branding, or an overhaul of your current content marketing strategy, we can help create a professional digital experience!a

Web Design Company FAQs

 We understand that you may have a variety of questions when it comes to web design and what sets us apart from the competition. You’ll want to know if we’re the right company for you, how much it will cost, and if we can deliver on our promises. To help address these questions, we’ve put together a list of our most frequently asked questions regarding web design.

The timeframe needed to build a website is mostly based on the complexity of the project. Everything depends on the client’s requirements and responsiveness. Usually, from our experience, it takes an average of 30 to 50 days to build a website.
At the beginning of the process, once you engage with us, you will be asked to complete our discovery questionnaire and to provide us with all the content and graphic/logo design material (if any). We also need you to communicate with us throughout the process.

No. There are many factors involved in the process such as the client’s unique requirements, the complexity of the project as well as the overall timeframe needed to create a website. Based on all of this, we can provide you with an estimate/quote.

Once your website is up and running, we can offer you our On-going support program. However, we always aim to assist our clients with changes/updates as long as the requirements are not too complex.

Yes. While developing the website, we make sure all of our websites are HTTPS based (including SSL certificate). If you will be using our web hosting, you will automatically get an SSL certificate for free, but if you are planning on using a different web hosting provider you will have to clarify this information with them.

Yes, we do provide web hosting services. As for the domain, first, you would have to register for the unique domain name and once registered you will be the owner of that particular domain. However, if required, we can always assist you with the domain registration process.

Most of our websites are built in WordPress as it provides many features and functionalities and it is highly user-friendly. However, if you require a different platform, we can make custom websites with Shopify, Wix or SqaureSpare too.

Most of our websites are built with WordPress as it is the most user-friendly platform nowadays and you should be able to perform changes yourself. If you require assistance, we can always provide a short video tutorial on how to make changes/updates to particular sections.

Most of the time our clients provide content for their websites. It all depends on your preference and if you have the content ready. Still, if you need assistance, we can definitely offer our content writing services.

Yes, we do provide organic SEO packages on a monthly basis. This would be an entirely separate “project” from the website development with a minimum client engagement of three (3) months. The basic SEO package is starting from $500 CAD and it includes optimization of 10-15 keywords.

Most of the time there are no hidden charges in the process unless there are new more advanced functionalities/features to be added. We always strive to assist our clients as much as possible. However, if the changes required are more advanced, then we need to discuss them further with the client.

Yes, all of our websites are mobile-friendly/responsive. We always make sure all our websites are fully optimized for all devices (mobile, tablet, laptop) and screen resolutions. Once the website’s desktop view has been polished up completely, we then start working on the responsive view.

Yes, we do provide a mockup before starting with the development, but only if you engage with us on the project and after the discovery questionnaire has been completed. We never start building the website if the mockup has not been approved.

We perform a basic ON-SITE SEO strategy on every website – configuration of META Titles/Descriptions, implementation of H tags along with alt image tags and more.

OFF-SITE SEO strategies (backlink building, online directory submissions, etc) are part of our monthly SEO packages and that is not included in website development projects.

Featured Projects

Whether it be a new website, fresh look focused on branding, or an overhaul of your current content marketing strategy, we can help create a professional digital experience!a